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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Waiora Nutritional Supplements

Why use Natural Cellular Defense and Essential Daily Nutrients...Theory behind Remove,‭ ‬Replenish,‭ ‬and Restore.‭

If you do not get the toxins out of your body,‭ ‬it does not matter if you are ingesting the most powerful supplements in the world.‭ ‬Why‭? ‬Because toxins go in the body just like a nutrient does.‭ ‬They have a positive charge just like nutrients.‭ ‬The toxin has a higher charge so the body grabs it before the nutrient.‭ ‬As an example,‭ ‬if Lead and Calcium enter the body at the same time,‭ ‬the body will grab the lead thinking it is calcium.‭ ‬The lead has a higher plus charge.‭ ‬ The body does not know or understand the difference.‭ ‬It is chemistry.‭ ‬Problem is,‭ ‬once they‭ (‬toxins‭) ‬go in the body they don't just come out,‭ ‬they grab onto receptor sites.‭ ‬They get stuck in bones,‭ ‬tissue,‭ ‬cells,‭ ‬in your brain.‭ ‬ If your body ingests too many toxins you no longer can absorb nutrients.‭ ‬ Our food is already so mineral deficient that we are compromised as it is.‭ ‬Think of all the chemicals and preservatives in processed foods.‭ ‬Grab a box and read the label.‭ ‬That isn't even the half of it.‭ ‬Think about the toxins in your cleaning supplies,‭ ‬in the water you drink and better yet as you sit in traffic and breath the car exhaust fumes....Different toxin exposure is linked to specific illness,‭ ‬such as high aluminum is linked to Alzheimer's.‭ ‬Mercury is linked to ADD,‭ ‬ADHD,‭ ‬Autism and Lead is linked to calcium deficiency which is linked to osteoporosis.‭

Natural Cellular Defense has negative charge and pulls out the toxins.‭ ‬It is a critical part of helping the body heal itself.‭ ‬I believe in helping people with the‭ "‬whole picture.‭" ‬Imagine‭ ‬refrigerator magnets.‭ ‬There is always the magnet that falls down easily and then there is the one that holds‭ ‬15‭ ‬pieces of paper.‭ ‬Natural Cellular Defense‭ (‬a Zeolite mineral‭)‬ is the stronger magnet.‭ ‬It grabs and pulls the toxin into‭ ‬its cage and then it is excreted out via urination.‭

Once you remove these toxins from your body you can choose to take the Essential Daily Nutrient drink to replenish the body with much‭ ‬needed vitamins and minerals,‭ ‬even if you choose not to your own nutrition plan will work better now that the toxins have been removed.‭ ‬Receptor sites are freed up and the body now is able to absorb much needed nutrients.‭ ‬Once on this protocol for a few months you will find that people notice‭ ‬a huge difference-for the better in how they feel on a daily basis.‭ ‬Myself,‭ ‬family and friends all report-more energy-better sleep-needing less sleep-mental clarity and focus and fewer aches and pains-almost feeling‭ ‬5‭ ‬years younger‭! ‬Be patient and persistent.‭ ‬You did not feel the toxins going into your body and you might not feel them going out.‭ ‬I strongly recommend you do some research‭ ‬ and find out how much of a PREVENTATIVE THIS WELLNESS PROGRAM IS‭!

This is the real deal and a real good thing for our planet.‭ ‬There is a yin and yang in nature and this is natures own answer for our toxins to be cleaned up.‭

To‭ ‬your health and prosperity‭!!! ‬If you need‭ ‬any assistance please contact‭ ‬Sara McKiness‭ ‬(630‭) ‬631-2746‭ ‬or‭ ‬

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