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Meet Sara McKiness, a distinguished Certified Horse Trainer dedicated to fostering improved communication between riders and horses, all without resorting to punishment. Operating out of Silver Spur Ranch in Maple Park, IL, a suburb of Chicago, Sara brings a wealth of experience and expertise to elevate your relationship with your equine companion, enabling a more logical and understanding connection.

Sara’s journey in the equestrian world began over two decades ago. Her passion and commitment to the equestrian arts led her to Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center (MMIEC), where she honed her skills and knowledge. Graduating as valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA and numerous accolades, Sara majored in Teaching and Training while minoring in Farrier Science.

Her deep interest in Farrier Science extended beyond academics. Post-graduation, Sara immersed herself in hands-on experience, assisting the Journeyman Farrier with the care of many horses. Her dedication didn’t stop there; Sara continued her education by teaching classes as a Graduate Assistant at MMIEC.

Embarking on a diverse career path, Sara furthered her expertise by working with a Grand Prix Dressage trainer as a working student. Her commitment to teaching and training persisted as she collaborated with various trainers, accumulating over 22 years of equestrian experience. Sara has studied under both Western and Dressage trainers, consistently seeking opportunities for growth.

Committed to lifelong learning, Sara actively pursues ongoing education. She engages with local horse trainers, attends clinics, reads articles and books, and follows classical trainers on social media. Sara’s affiliations with prominent equestrian organizations, including USEF, USDF, WDAA, and WDAIL, underscore her commitment to excellence.

Sara’s aspirations extend to competing at the Grand Prix level and beyond in Western Dressage. For those seeking to connect with this seasoned equestrian professional, feel free to reach out to Sara McKiness via email at sara@horselogic.net. Join Sara on a journey of understanding, communication, and excellence in the art of horsemanship.

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