Stables for Horses Wellbeing and Safety

Here at Horse Logic LLC we aim for allowing our horses to be horses. When they aren’t teaching or enjoying a leisurely ride around the property, they get to be with their herd and have a life that allows them to be horses.  We take turnout and positive interaction with a herd very seriously.  Our horses are happy and they are the backbone of our lesson program.  When they are so happy, they love their job.  This allows the student to learn the most from each of our amazing lesson horses.

Our horses are turned out 24/7 unless the weather is inclement.  They have access to free choice grass hay 24/7 that is grown right here on the Silver Spur property.  Our horses and riders get to enjoy all of the amazing amenities at Silver Spur.

Why Choose Horse Logic LLC?

Students should consider riding with Horse Logic LLC for a top-notch equestrian experience. Boasting skilled instructors, well-trained horses, and a strong commitment to safety, Horse Logic provides a welcoming and engaging learning atmosphere. Its diverse riding programs, covering both traditional and Western dressage, accommodate riders of varying skill levels. The modern facilities, diverse riding environments, and a focus on personalized instruction ensure a comprehensive and enjoyable exploration of the equestrian world. Joining Horse Logic LLC promises a ride marked by quality education, safety, and a genuine passion for horsemanship.

Our Instructors

Sara McKiness is the head instructor and owner of Horse Logic LLC.  She attended Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center and is a certified instructor and trainer.

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Welcome to the Silver Spur Ranch, home of Horse Logic LLC.  We have a gorgeous facility on 160 acres.  We are home to 55 horses and have a fabulous regulation  sized indoor polo arena, with a huge outdoor sand area, a half mile grass track and amazing trails all onsite.

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Our Horses

Click on Visit The Stables to virtually meet our lesson horses.  We care for and have amazing lesson horses that are fantastic teachers and love their jobs!

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